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Positive Deism The Deist point of view.

Deism World Union of Deists.

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Help from Beyond

A short paper on the phenomena of visions and meditation.

Present and Former Lives

A brief realistic look at the validity of both prayer and worship.

Our Multi-dimensional Universe

A short discussion on an unorthodox view of reality and the universe.

The Essean Manifesto

The basic premise of the Society of Essean International and the perspective of Esse.

Should We Have a God?

A new perspective of a cosmic deity from a rational point of view.


My Comfort Zone

There is something inside of me that extends beyond my self. Why should I try to explain it? it just is. Personally, I leave it at that. Sure, like the majority of humans, I try to define it, but the outcome always smacks of sophomoric rambling. My rational mind accepts a premise that appears logical and scientific. I call it esse, that which truly is. So much for my rational mind. with that, I put it to rest. My theorized god makes sense and, when debating it, I derive a certain egotistical sense of superiority ... a sort of "aha, I know better than you". However, when the debate is over, I put my theorized god in a neatly kept empirical corner of my verbal-oriented mind and return to that comfortable sense of cosmic consciousness where nothing can be defined materially. There, I just know that I believe in something vastly greater than - well, greater than everything my senses offer to my brain.

Can I describe it? no. I even will not expend the energy. God is my comfort zone. It is where I go when I am elated, depressed, happy, sad or whatever else mood that stirs my physical being. whatever It is, It is always there, listening when I talk to it either verbally or non-verbally. I even get a bit annoyed at It at times. "Now why the blazes did you let that happen?". This usually is followed by a sigh of acceptance when I sense that I am not seeing the big picture. From the cosmic perspective, I am little more than a minor organism clinging to a ball of earth and stuff that is orbiting a third rate star in an immense universe. Yet, somehow I am connected to something much grander than myself. Granted, there is no "solid" evidence for this rationale. I base it solely upon the fact that I just know. I have been there and felt its presence - my presence for I am part of it. No visions, no mysterious voices, in fact, nothing anything like a "revelation". All I experience is the comfort of passing beyond the mundane. This is neither rational nor scientific. For a fact, it defies description and, if we search our memories, each and every one of us has been there at sometime or other, even if only for a fleeting moment. For my part, I capsulize the experience as god. That works for me. Religions only muddle the experience by offering too much information, most of it wrong.

Anthony Dias Souza (aka adsouza and Leroy Dumont)

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Our Pathetic Plea


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In a quiet pond, a small gnat falls into the water and struggles for survival. Its thrashing about sends forth small ripples that, like silent cries for help, echo against the far bank of the pond, jarring loose a small twig that has been supporting a precariously balanced rock. In turn, the rock topples into the pond, sending forth a series of larger ripples that carry the gnat to the safety of the shore.

The above analogy illustrates the practical effectiveness of prayer. The cosmos as a vast ocean whose water is in a constant state of movement, producing currents, ripples and eddies that form the various aspects of the tangible realm. In this perspective, every aspect of the cosmos is intrinsically connected to every other aspect of that realm. There are no real separations in the essence of all that exists in the perceivable universe, those illusionary separations our limited physical senses produce. From this basis, an intelligent individual adopts a cosmological view of prayer.

Prayer is the intense ripples of consciousness we send forth into the cosmic water that, in turn, incite events that respond to our needs. This is the anatomy of an effective prayer.

Meaning and Purpose of Yoga