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6000 years ago, living beings ranging in the hundreds of millions died. The physical evidence is there. Remains litter the Earth - more than 40 million in North America alone. Skeletons are found buried beneath solidified mud or huddled in caves, incompatible species, predators and prey alike, died catastrophically, their limbs and bodies violently torn apart. It is about to happen again. [Non-Fiction]

Growing Up Kanaka Revisited

An offbeat review of my early life from birth to high school graduation. It offers an insight into the Hawaii mentality during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s



There are two Xs in Texas

One of my many laments. I have a habit of writing them down and working them into my novels.

Wandering Clown

Ever have one of those depressing spans where nothing seems to turn out as you expected? I wrote this nursing a bottle of tequila, several lemons and a shaker of salt. LD

The Dreaded El Rashin

When in Long Beach, California, all fear the dreaded El Rashin, purveyor of destruction and lord of the storm (at least, this was the case for a poor hapless woman).

Cat Pix

An Invitation

For more literature and other features, I invite you to explore the other pages of this site . Especially of interest soon will be exhibited on a separate page a series of cartoons by Leroy Dumont. My view is more pragmatic, focusing on modern scientific thought and theories. Between the endeavors of my alter ego and myself, I am sure you will find something to capture your attention. Kulwan, the third member of our troika, also dubbed the "Silent One", influences our written works but rarely speaks to anyone but Leroy and I (adsouza).

Tale of Tales

This piece was inspired by my excursions many years ago across the bridge leading to Ciudad Juarez across from El Paso. Some personal experiences are involved but I will not specify which nor clarify that declaration. Read it at face value. There are life lessons to be learned. It will be worth your precious time. Leroy Dumont.

One More Drink

The lament of a drifter who spent too much of his time warming a barstool and eating free peanuts from the bar dish.


To those who may be confused, Leroy Dumont is my pseudonym (pen name or nom de plume). At one time, it was a code name which I kept and applied it to my fiction. My non-fiction remains under Anthony Dias Souza. So now you know.



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Bitch of Balar
Kidnapped with the able-bodied of her village, Calena is taken to the mines of Kristan and brutalized. Left for dead on the slag pile, she recovers but the trauma has left the voice of Krela, the spirit of death, resident within her mind. Pressed by Krela, Calena sets out maniacally to free her enslaved people and destroy the fort at Kristan, showing no mercy to those who brutalized her.

Driver of a ghetto cab, when his friend's apartment is blown up with a violent incendiary, seeks to investigate when the FBI arrests his friend. In the process, he stumbles upon a Colombian cartel's smuggling scheme. Pursued by the cartel, barrio hit-men and the law, he strikes back using the smugglers incendiaries as his weapons. Truly an explosive tale!

Demon Horde
Dagast is a grotesque monster whose shoulders and neck seemed oversized, even on his six-foot-six frame. The outlaw chieftain is as ruthless as his appearance, commanding a band of cutthroats that terrorize the provinces neighboring the Desfalan wilds. No one dares challenge Dagast until the youthful son of a commander of a city guard, Algin Tamas, ventures into his lair.

End of Forever
Goda Dabra is on her way to Katid to marry a minor noble when she is abducted from the horse train by brigands in the Tuduk Forest who abuse her. Pulak Mazul, convicted noble on his way to his execution, takes advantage of the raid to escape and joins the brigands. Seeing an opportunity to have his execution set aside by rescuing Goda, he flees with her, fighting off the brigands who are bent upon killing them.

Escape From Zandor
To escape the turmoil in Zandor following the Madini revolt, Gitu, the black Jana, and Cona, the white Highborn, scaled the Mashars and descended to Mirash, where they meet Irasine, a female and Gargon, a dim-witted brute who have been ejected from their village. With the help of the locals who are happy to be rid of them, they build a raft and float down the crocodile infested Kiber River.

Keeper of the Seal
The southern Kharan desert was his to command but only as the leader of an outlaw band, raiding the caravans of Sulan Gaghan with impunity to the chagrin the grand malek of Akkaba. Taur has little to look forward to until Fate intervened, propelling him into leading an insurrection against the Sulan.

The city of Lakas had fallen and all of the caste of warrior priests except Abram are slain. Overwhelmed by anger, Abram swears revenge. Adopting the status of nehin, a living dead man, he sets off to the Samra plains to seek out the traitor who helped the leader of the Shemasi raze his city and slay all of its inhabitants. Skilled in the art of combat, Abram vows to take both of their lives.

Sordid Tales of the Sultre
After he was driven into hiding by outraged parents for producing a chidren's book about a chipmonk entitled "Chippy does the Squirrels", the harried author settled in a tent in the woods with his laptop computer and began to write this raucous ribald tale set in a fictitiously bizarre middle eastern desert wherein the characters of the novel have outlandish exchanges with the frazzled author.

Sweet Revenge
Kadul Rashin watches as his father and his men are executed by the forces of Sulan Asin Fadid and vows vengeance. However when he arrives at the palace in Deran, circumstances propels him into catering to the impotent sulan's four wives, obliged to sire an heir to the throne. Kadul uses the position of privilege to seek to usurp command of the royal guard and the sulanate.

Talons of the Gods
The disembodied spirits of the sons of Sorcerer Karanis vie for possession of two enchanted bracelets with highly destructive power. In the process, they strive to control the Voltaran Empire which Daran, the youthful heir, is about to depose his usurper uncle and cease control. Daran is aided by the paladin, Ethran, a skilled warrior who seeks to retrieve the enchanted bracelets for the rightful heir.

The Bladesman
Davad Colandar is a bounty hunter employed to track down Naro Maldini and his band of raiders. After dispatching several members of the band, he locates Maldini at the raucous border village where a gambler suggests Colandar could increase his fortune by meeting Maldini in a staged formal duel. Death of one of the combatants is the only acceptable outcome.

The Crystal Curse
On the isle of Calista, the Klarans and the Montigs are on the brink of war. Fastian Vedal, brother to the earl of Klaran is marshaling an army to attack Montig. Lord Redan of Montig beseeches his nephew and heir to assume control of the domain but Dagar Redan is unwilling to command until a Ludrin hag presents him with a crystal that elicits prophetic visions.

The Only Option
After the Cubans settled on Isla de Peligras to eavesdrop on Central American military operations, the CIA decides to covertly eradicate the site and dispatches a five-man cadre to dismantle the site.Encountering a platoon of army regulars, only three survive a firefight, and to escape the island, they kill a drug runner and seize his yacht finding it loaded with seven duffel bags of cocaiine, an arsenal and a woman who heads up the smuggling run to Louisiana.

Wolf Killer
Although he is renowned among the shepherds for killing more wolves than anyone else in Pern protecting his father's sheep, Habron, a restless youth in his late teens, detests the chore. Excited by visiting Legionnaires who boast of their exploits in pursuing bandits in the Marga wilds, he longs for relief from the boredom of his nightly routine. While drinking a tankard of ale in the local inn surrounded by intoxicated Legionnaires, he inadvertently offends one of them and the man insists on the duel, taking to the street. Habron faces the Legionnaire whom he decapitates and is forced to flee with a price on his head. Wandering in the Marga Woods he joins a band of brigands and launches on the adventures of his life.

Kebu is a black warrior of undisputed skill who serves as a guide and protector for caravans plying the Sabran desert. His life is reasonably predictable until he is contracted by the merchant Retal to transport a mysterious young girl to the fabled reclusive city of Zandor. Upon arrival, he finds himself immersed in a ritualistic duel, the Kamaral. As the forced champion of Devana, the girl he transports to Zandor, he must face a hulking brute in mortal combat as the pair scale the treacherous slopes of the lofty Kai. The only alternative is death. As a prelude to the duel, Kebu is involved in a morass of intrigue. Zandor is festering. The city is divided into two hostile religious cliques competing for absolute control and their slaves are plotting a revolt. As a black man in the midst of a city dominated by whites, Kebu finds himself drawn into its conflicts, despised by both the white highborn and their brown skinned slaves.

The following are non-fiction books by Anthony Dias Souza:

No one truly taught you. Other individuals merely encouraged the experiences through which you learned on your own. In that astonishing display of natural talent, you absorbed a complex culture, learned a difficult language, adapted to an intricate social environment, and acquired the basic mental and physical skills you now possess. You are a genius! Let scriptin' put this genius to work for you.

Why We Invented God
Presents a controversial view of subjects such as religion, consciousness, intentional design and other metaphysical topics from a perspective that sets itself in the vast middle ground between theism and atheism. A must-read for anyone seeking a new interpretation of reality from a science-based point of view.

The Meaning and Purpose of Yoga


Man is motivated primarily by (positive and negative) forces evolving from his acknowledged social unit, among which are: 1. acceptance - a sense of belonging to the social unit with which he identifies. 2. recognition - a sense of being acknowledged as a part of his social unit. 3. communication - a sense of relating both physically and mentally within his social unit. 4. security - a sense of being sustained or preserved as a member of his social unit.
Those who do not think for themselves quote the sages


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You're Going to Hate This

Ladies, ignore this.  It is strictly a guy piece.  I don't mean to insult you but some advice is gender related.  Guys, this is a must read!  It could save your lives and sanity.  Simply click the title to view.

Want to Become a Millionaire?

The following article is a must read for ALL. It is perfectly legal and healthy for many individuals. Without further delay, I give you Lobeline. Want to become a multi-millionaire? Grow and market Indian Tobacco! It is non-habit forming and contains NO NICOTINE! In fact, in the fifties, its chief ingredient, lobeline, was used as an anti-nicotine smoking deterrent!

Indian Tobacco is a weed that grows wild in California and a non-taxable, legal, natural herb (until the government hears about it! Lobelia, genus of plants of the bellflower family. The genus consists of herbs, native to temperate and tropical regions of the western hemisphere, that produce an acrid, milky juice called latex. Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is a tall, perennial herb bearing vertical clusters of large, crimson flowers. Dwarf-blue lobelia (Lobelia erinus) is a small annual herb, native to southern Africa, that bears blue or violet flowers. Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata) produces a poisonous alkaloid, lobeline, formerly used as a constituent of quack medicines for its nicotinelike taste. Scientific classification: The genus Lobelia belongs to the family Campanulaceae.

More information can be secured from the Internet.

From Wikipedia: Lobeline is a natural alkaloid found in "Indian tobacco" (Lobelia inflata), "Devil's tobacco" (Lobelia tupa), "cardinal flower" (Lobelia cardinalis), "great lobelia" (Lobelia siphilitica), and Hippobroma longiflora. In its pure form it is a white amorphous powder which is freely soluble in water. Lobeline has been used as a smoking cessation aid,[1][2][3] and may have application in the treatment of other drug addictions such as addiction to amphetamines,[4][5] cocaine[6] or alcohol.[7]

Lobeline has multiple mechanisms of action, acting as a VMAT2 ligand,[8][9][10] which stimulates dopamine release to a moderate extent when administered alone, but reduces the dopamine release caused by methamphetamine.[11][12] It also inhibits the reuptake of dopamine and serotonin,[13] and acts as a mixed agonist–antagonist at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors [14][15] to which it binds at the subunit interfaces of the extracellular domain. [16] and an antagonist at μ-opioid receptors.[17]

References are readily available on Wikipedia under Lobeline and from many LEGITIMATE MEDICAL sources on the Internet. Look them up!