An Insight Into Who We Are

I was born Anthony Dias Souza (aka Leroy Dumont) in 1935 at Ahualoa, Hamakua, Hawaii at the foot of Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world (measured from the ocean floor). I attended Honokaa Elementary School on the Island of Hawaii, Saint Patrick's School, at Kaimuki, Oahu, Hawaii, graduated Saint Louis College, Kaimuki, Oahu, Hawaii (now called Chaminade College). Later, spent two and a half years in an ordinance battalion blowing up various parts of the planet's terrain. After which I attended Yale University Institute of Far Eastern Studies courtesy of the United States Government and served in U.S. intelligence service in the Pacific/Far East theater for three years. The only PTSD we suffered from at the time was being Pissed off, Tired, Sex-starved and Drunk.

Upon returning stateside, I joined a friend in the formation of an outlaw biker club and also organized and, later, staged rock concerts in the Southern California including the calamitous California Music Fair, in which we lost our bankrolls and our shirts. After I almost killed myself in a motorcycle accident, I gave my skoot to a friend and settled down a bit, deciding to further pursue my education in Southern California during which time served as special liaison for Los Angeles area congressman and, later, as area coordinator for the mayor of Los Angeles. During this period, I served as editor and publisher of The Harbor Alternative - a Los Angeles Harbor region bi-monthly community newspaper and as a partner in a public relations firm, primarily geared to political campaigns.

Now retired, I reside in Santa Cruz County, California and devote my time to research, writing, and my many grandchildren. My hobbies extend into several fields of endeavors, primarily Ancient Middle Eastern History, Archeology, Geophysics and Quantum Physics. As Leroy Dumont, I have written fifteen novels and a few serious books as Anthony Dias Souza published primarily in the Serbian language (Don't ask!), and am presently continuing to write both fiction and science. A few bits of my prose are offered as links on our website and to the other publisher's websites. Give them a read. Most offer here are free!


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